2020 screens color selection ...

For the new year, a renewed domestic decors. Each day a different productions, different designs, developing and changing in the sector in the planning stage and decide what is most difficult to implement. Article that you can find all the answers about how to use colors.

Which room in your home and use what color represents what is true? Curtains have to be careful what color selection. Curtain color selection according to what we have to. Which kidneys fashion? We share with you all the details on the selection of curtain colors.

ECRU: All colors are considered the most elegant. A color that was used in each section of your home. Modern or classic furniture in a living room furnished in a hall that can provide the complementarity.

RED: the movement is intense kitchen, suitable for places such as children's room. For darker shades of red will create an atmosphere of intense and boring living areas should not be too much choice.

ORANGE: the dining room creates temperatures. And should be used in situations requiring large areas to give joy and happiness. Room and the bedroom is not suitable for the study.

YELLOW: suitable for the kitchen or living room decorated in a modern. Operating rooms should not be used. Bulandırıp mind leads to confusion. Not recommended for use as recreational rooms.

GREEN: Green is a color that gives peace to all shades of green in the bedroom or other living rooms can use easily.

TURQUOISE: The upper level is the symbol of change and transformation. Radiate vitality and freshness, the larger shows places. Besides the living room and living room bathrooms, bedrooms and study rooms are also available. Light blue is also suitable for the wall.

RED: The lavender light tones of purple, lilac and orchid bedrooms and study rooms are available. A color that is also ideal for children's rooms. Cause adverse effects coupled with a bright eye-catching colors, should be considered.

Black and gray tones, black and grays with light tones are also very fashionable this year as last year. Accustomed to seeing shades of gray with dark colors for furniture and carpets and silver will be the ideal choice for creating stylish spaces.

BROWN: Brown dark tones often used in halls and living rooms. Combine this creates a nice color with turquoise. Environment brings freshness. Can be easily chosen for halls and living rooms.

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